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SoundPimp is smart software for Mac and Windows offering much better sound on your multimedia laptop stereo speakers, or on your high fidelity stereo system.  Use stereo loudspeakers as indicated in the video splash below. Does not work with headphones

NOTE: These demos are of an “mp3” quality, intended to work on the fly on a laptop. It is recommended to connect some desktop speakers, but if your laptop has OK speakers, those will work too.

Demos with SoundPimp only

(Opera users: Right-click and open in new window)

IceCube, Laugh now, cry later

Yeah! IceCube’s recording engineers knew how to do it. This recording is packed with good music and 3-dimensionality of many kinds.

Branford Marsalis, Trio Jeepy

It takes some time to learn to like this legendary recording, but once you do, you are the one; you are doing it; you are enjoying one of the most fantastic jazz recordings ever made. Indeed, there is something extra with many recordings from the late eighties and earlies nineties, before the digital wave came in. Seek them up and put them into the SoundPimp machine.

Jethro Tull, Minstrel in the gallery

This is an amazingly ambient clip from an old Jethro Tull CD; Minstrel in the Gallery:


Norwegian artist Peter Baden has some fun!

Super-cool and brilliant synthesizer drum solo in amazing High Definition Stereo:

Demos that compare SoundPimp to plain stereo

If the browser will not play the video, try to right-click and open in a new window, or try this version

Note that the audio quality of the demo is limited to approximately aac 160kb/s, sufficient to demonstrate the difference to normal stereo, but not of a true high fidelity quality.

Audio clips

Each clip comes in Stereo, then in High Definition Stereo. 

Video Clips

SoundPimp will most definitely enhance your movie experience. Just watch and listen to these examples.

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