SoundPimp Avatar demo in wmv format

This in-the-jungle clip from the Avatar movie has an excellent soundstage that is very ambient and stereo wide, even in this 2 channel version. It has been rendered with High Definition Stereo using the SoundPimp audio enhancer. Listen “slowly” and observe how the room is litterally filled with jungle sounds.

This demo streams in approximately 2500kbs. See note below if it does not play properly.


Technical notes:

1) This demo is encoded in Windows wmv format, and may require Windows Silverlight for playback. For non-Windows environment, please jump to mp4 version of this Avatar demo

2) The Audio format of the demo is AAC 160 kbs, not of a true high fidelity quality, but sufficient to demonstrate the SoundPimp audio enhancer. For a maximum quality version, experience the Avatar movie in Blue-ray format having SoundPimp installed on the computer. 

3) For best results, mimic the speaker placement in the following figure; i.e use a more narrow speaker angle than usual. This is not critical, but audio quality may start to deteriorate when speaker angles above approximately 40 degrees is used.

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