SoundPimp audio enhancer guidelines for Linux

SoundPimp is a software surround technology that radically enhances the quality of computer audio. For a head-on impression of the incredibly realistic SoundPimp effects, we suggest that our audio enhancer demos serve better than a thousand words. And if SoundPimp has been installed on the computer, we also recommend the playlist material concurrently being created in Spotify or elsewhere, offering another head start introduction to SoundPimp benefits.

Read this first

We are searching for beta tester on the Linux platform. See this audioblog for details.

This product has not (yet) been fully validated on the Linux operating system, but with all likelihood it will work. There will be a need to enable audio routing, and for this the Jack freeware product is suggested. Please report findings and results to Thanks!  Beyond that, follow guidelines for Windows, using Jack. It could be an excellent starting point to find a media player that has audio output selector, thus send the audio to Jack, and from Jack; send to SoundPimp input. Finally use SoundPimp output selector to send to whatever speakers, soundcards or similar. It will probably work.

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