SoundPimp trial version setup hints

Thanks for your interest in the SoundPimp audio enhancer. The trial version is available on request, please contact us

Installation and activation

To evaluate the SoundPimp trial, install, then enter activation code= trial1. The trial version will start toggling between High Definition Stereo (HDS) and normal Stereo after approximately 10 minutes. Restart the software as many times as you like for another 10 minutes.

Windows installation

Start the installer and install all options.

Make sure Soundpimp virtual audio device is selected as default device in Win/ControlPanel/Sound/Playback. This is mandatory. Note that this software module will start to announce “TRIAL” every three seconds after a while.

Thereafter, select SoundPimp virtual audio device as input in the SoundPimp audio line selector, available from SoundPimp dashboard. Also make sure a proper output is selected, which may be the built-in “loudspeakers” or similar. Do note that use of Asio4all (included as an install option) is recommended in particular for video streams as it will allow for better lip sync than standard Windows.

Note: If the TRIAL sound is too annoying for evaluation, it is possible to install Jack for Windows and use e.g. Winamp or FooBar2000 with Asio output plugin, then use this output as input in Jack, then use Jack as input in SoundPimp. Thus, the SPVAD becomes redundant and the “TRIAL” noise is avoided. It is more simple than it looks in this explanation. At the moment it is the only way to avoid the TRIAL noise.

It is also recommended to study the guidelines for Windows installation

Mac OS X installation

For Mac OSX users, it could be a very good idea to install the Audirvana or the Fidelia player and the SoundFlower application, all available in free versions. Then connect Fidelia or Audirvana to SoundPimp via SoundFlower, but without using Jack. This is an easy solution for an evaluation. Alternatively, install SoundPimp using Jack as explained in the description of  installation and use on the Mac OS X. We personally prefer Jack all in all.

Linux installation

The Linux version has beta status. The challenge is to ensure proper audio routing to and from SoundPimp. We have not explicit solution to offer (but perhaps you are a Linux expert and can help?)

For more info, see SoundPimp interactive forum 



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