HD SoundLab as introduces SoundPimp computer audio enhancer

Oslo, Norway, 2013

HD SoundLab has introduced the SoundPimp computer audio enhancer; a cross platform surround software designed to revolutionize the listening experience with home and office multimedia systems, equally suited for music and movies.

SoundPimp represents a major step forward in audio playback quality. Digital stereo streams are restored to high definition surround authenticity, offering breathtaking 3D sound so spatially realistic that it can compare to being live in the concert hall. It is recommended to study the website audio demos, saying more than a thousand words.

A stereo listening experience can be diminished by known distortion effects, causing a perceived lack of reality and subsequent “audio apathy”. It’s a shame, since pristine recordings can be treasure chests full of natural timbre and super audio quality.

Working on the fly, SoundPimp silently applies error corrective intonation algorithms that literally flesh out these original audio qualities, offering de facto remedy for all people with passion & love for music and perhaps an urge for a more natural sound.

Sonic improvements are most often audible as a general refinement. The sound is flowing way past the artificial boundaries of speakers, literally filling the room with an ambient and holistic soundstage many times larger than the traditional stereo image. And as sound becomes more exact and life-like, it is also perceived as more musical and enjoyable. Simple as that!

Behind the SoundPimp project is a group of individuals with passion for realistic music playback. The quest has been to exploit advanced digital technology and pin down a better way. The result is SoundPimp, a unique piece of software in that it combines multimedia codec compliance with advanced digital algorithms stemming from years of intense research, to deliver thusly a dramatic performance boost.

SoundPimp is very fast Java software that installs to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and other platforms, to be enjoyed with all audio and movie streams, and on any set of loudspeakers. Combine SoundPimp with laptop, desktop or Bluetooth/Airplay speakers, docking stations, or even better; with super exclusive “high end” stereo gear.

For pure musical enjoyment, SoundPimp offers a new reference level of high fidelity playback for computer audio, unique from its packaging as a swift software download. With a more than reasonable price tag, there should be no need to think twice.

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