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Download SoundPimp evaluation copy, then read useful hints for installation and setup of the trial version : 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many Windows 64 bit machines have Java 32 bit installed, but this configuration will not work with SoundPimp. This will normally be indicated in the Windows Control Panel as “Java(32)”. The most common reason for the presence of Java 32 bit is that a browser on the machine is based on 32 bit. It is absolutely mandatory to install Java JRE 64 bit in this case. Download Java JRE 64bit version now. The installation of 64 bit Java will have no negative effect, because both Java versions will be available.

Install all options and take a look at the guidelines section for Windows for mandatory setup of Windows / Control panel / Sound / Playback.

SoundPimp v1.6 for Windows xp/7/8