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SoundPimp is cross-platform software for Windows, Mac OSX or Linux. The objective of the trial is not to offer a fully configured PC for advanced audio, but to offer a demo on your own PC of the SoundPimp Audio Enhancement. In this regard, the trial is equal to the commercial versions.

Installation and trial activation

To evaluate the SoundPimp trial, install, then enter activation code= trial1. The trial version will start toggling between High Definition Stereo (HDS) and normal Stereo after approximately 10 minutes. Restart the software as many times as you like for another 10 minutes (without toggling). For the SoundPimp VST plugin version, do not enter activation code, but click the “Trial” button.

Download links

CrossPlatform trial version

This is the recommend version for a quick at a glance evaluation of SoundPimp on all the platforms Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. This trial version simply plays a file to whatever audio output has been defined in the system preferences of the operating system. This trial version plays mp3 and wav files. Linux users must set the “executable bit” in order to make SoundPimp executable. This version has no installer, just unzip and double-click to start. Then enter activation code “trial1” and select a file from the play file menu of the SoundPimp dashboard.

Important1: Remember to position speakers at an angle between 15 – 40 degrees for optimal performance of the SoundPimp 3D surround effect. Be prepared to experiment a little. (Actually, SoundPimp is not really an effect, since it is purely correcting for acoustic errors on loudspeakers)

Important2: Some laptops has built in EQ “loudness” features that may start to quarrel with SoundPimp, and this is audible as “crackling” sounds due to overload. The remedy for this is either to turn off the loudness and make sure SoundPimp is feeded a natural, so-called tone-defead audio stream, or it can be corrected by reducing either the volume level or the SoundPimp effect “doze” via the two sliders available on the dashboard.

Important for Windows users: Many Windows 64 bit machines have Java 32 bit installed, but this configuration will not work with SoundPimp trial. Java version will normally be indicated in the Windows Control Panel as “Java(32)”. The most common reason for the presence of Java 32 bit is that a browser on the machine is based on 32 bit. It is absolutely mandatory to install Java JRE 64 bit in this case. Download Java JRE 64bit version now. The installation of 64 bit Java will have no negative effect, because both Java versions , 32bit and 64bit, will be available and working side by side.

The SoundPimp file player:

SoundPimp VST plugin trial version for Windows xp/7/8/10

This is a non-java version (no Java needs to be installed)