Demo of stereo audio enhancer; NRK TV sport events

SoundPimp stereo audio enhancer can be a magic companion to sports events on television, offering an immersive and drastically improved 3d-spatial soundstage. The Norwegian national TV channel NRK recently presented an interesting article on their site NRK beta, regarding the complexity and use of various add-on audio effects like e.g. “sweetening”. Tip: Exploit e.g. Chrome page translator in order to read the article in non-Norwegian language.

We have taken the liberty to render the video clip example of this article with SoundPimp and High Definition Stereo (HDS), mixed in with our famous “drum” solo by Peter Baden. The article continues below the video.

Click to start audio enhancer demo 3; an NRK TV sport demo

Use stereo loudspeakers, no headphones


There is of course a limit to the technical quality of this recording as the audio track is a bit compressed for web use, but it should still be possible to observe significant audible enhancements as HDS is toggled and compared to normal stereo.  We may also add that we seem to recall even better recording examples than this particular clip, but none the less:

When the atmosphere of TV sport events has been properly captured and is pimped up, the result may just feel intensely realistic as one becomes embraced by the sound flow from the audience and the background noise spectrum.

The huge advantage of out-door events is the lack of the indoor “fenced in” echo hall effects that often will diminish overall sound quality. It means the audio quality of outdoor events may be sweeter, more exact and more obedient to the original sound spectrum, making it perfect for SoundPimp. But by all means, use SoundPimp on anything from a YouTube video to a DVD /Blu-ray movie to achieve these awesome results on your own computer audio system.

Regardless, SoundPimp will excel as a function of audio quality, and has been known to expose the more ignorant audio technicians. As such, High Definition Stereo can be educational when it comes to deciding the proper doze of artificial ambience and other artifacts for a recording.

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