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The SoundPimp range of audio software products is delivered to you by HD SoundLab as, a privately held company established in 2010, however precursed for several years by governmentally funded research projects under similar jurisdiction. The company is owned by its managers and a small number of commercial investors, and has received financial support from Innovation Norway; a governmental funding program supporting innovation at large.

HD Soundlab is thus positioned as a highly competent technology development company which is focused on acoustics and audio innovations within the field of digital computer audio enhancement. The company is selling SoundPimp software licenses both to end users via its website, as well as to professional and industrial OEM partners who wish to incorporate SoundPimp into their hardware and software products and services. The SoundPimp technology is truly presenting a genuine step forward in audio quality, read testimonials.

The company envisions to deliver intelligent and platform independent audio software to any type of digital appliances, like home theaters, personal computers, game consoles, docking stations, DVD players, televisions, digital media players, set-top boxes, smart phones, surround music media players, car audio systems and any other device capable of stereo or multichannel audio playback. The company is located in Oslo, Norway. For further information about the company and our audio products, please contact us.


HD SoundLab as
Kyrresvei 35b
1369 Stabekk

Phone: +47 482 55 200

Email: contact @ hdsoundlab.com

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