Using SoundFlower on Mac Lion OS X

Last updated: 2012-02-13

The problem of achieving error free use of SoundPimp together with Jack osx and SoundFlower/SoundFlowerBed has been solved. A new version of SoundPimp is available here. It uses Jack in a configuration which grants very low latency, inter alias;  “lip sync” for film&video. It optionally includes SoundFlower in a well working configuation. There is a description of this setup in our guidelines for OS X, which may have general interest for those using SoundFlower and/or Jack, see in particular section “Advanced setup combining SoundFlower and Jack”. 

As it is still relevant for other types of use of SoundFlower,  here is never the less the original text from November last year, with a few updates as relevant:

Thank you for stopping by our ongoing elaborations on SoundFlower. While here we invite you to study our demo, just click the demo button in the right column. Be noted also that a revised solution based on Jack that can be used in combination with or as replacement for SoundFlower may soon become available. For updated info, be back soon or subscribe to our newsletter

This post is related to problems that some customers have reported regarding the proper installation and use of SoundFlower audio routing after installing the Lion upgrade to OS X.

Experiences with Lion OS X and SoundFlower audio routing

Let it be noted that to our experience SoundFlower is a reliable program of excellent quality.

Just recently we had the opportunity to upgrade a MacBook Pro 17″ to Lion, and we experienced no problems neither with installation nor usage of SoundFlower.  Simply put, we closely followed our Mac OS X setup guide for SoundPimp audio enhancer. The only possible snag could be that the computer had to be restarted for SoundFlower to become available. Also see our previous guide for Mac OS X setup. It is still a relevant and working setup, but not compliant with SoundPimp v1.3. Use SoundPimp v1.2 in that setup.

There is a discussion regarding audible clicks that can occur in some setups, probably due to a temporary or accidental lack of sync between modules in the “delivery” of the bit stream. See this thread for details and remedy:

Tips & tricks regarding SoundFlower on Lion OS X

Here is list of possible remedy opportunities:

Someone got it working, read the details here:

Latest info from vendor Cycling74 is probably found here:

Jack is an alternative to SoundFlower

The Jack audio system is a good alternative to SoundFlower, also generally speaking. the home of Jack audio.  Go here to download the Jack version for OS X.

A quite intriguing application with a graphical GUI that literally show the routing of audio streams via Jack, and that seemingly is working very well, is the patchage app. As soon as the Jack Server has been started from the Jack Pilot, it can replace the Jack Pilot connection manager. Interesting product. 

SoundFlower can be combined with Jack

Perhaps a combination of SoundFlower and Jack will be feasible, see our post on this matter:

Other applications providing audio routing on Mac osx