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Video and audio embedded in emails using html and html5

The sense of sight is quite trivial. If the sunlight is too strong, draw the curtain or wear sunglasses. Problem solved.

The senses of hearing is complex. If the all penetrating bass-boom from the neighbor apartment is driving you nuts, there is no curtain to draw, no easy remedy. You will need to knock the door and ask for mercy, or take other adequate inter-human action that may solve the problem. And the sense of sound is also complex because it […]

Best audio enhancement software for Windows and Mac OSX

Soundpimp is the best audio enhancement software for PC Windows and Mac OSX

SoundPimp will make your audio system better. It is an easy to install and use software driver that will enhance all (good quality) audio streams on your computer or hifi. 

For example, it is perfect with streaming services as Spotify and Wimp. Click to select demos. Use stereo speakers that is put closer together, between 20-40 degrees.

Using SoundFlower on Mac Lion OS X

Last updated: 2012-02-13

The problem of achieving error free use of SoundPimp together with Jack osx and SoundFlower/SoundFlowerBed has been solved. A new version of SoundPimp is available here. It uses Jack in a configuration which grants very low latency, inter alias;  “lip sync” for film&video. It optionally includes SoundFlower in a well working configuation. There is a description of this setup in our guidelines for OS X, which may have general interest for those using SoundFlower and/or Jack, see in […]