SoundPimp version history

SoundPimp v1.8 for Mac OS X – 200915

  • Added output selector, so that SoundPimp may be used with SoundFlower only, not Jack.
  • Apart from Windows specific features, this version is identical to the Windows version, and was even built on Windows.
  • This version has only standard Java icon, instead of SoundPimp icon.

SoundPimp v1.8 for Windows – 130515

  • A bug fix release related to use of ASIO. A particular in-compliance with later versions of e.g. Realtek audio drivers caused malfunction in routing of ASIO channels, due to re-introduction of so called “stereo mix” in these drivers. In rare cases audio was thus muted.
  • In this release, it is (on an experimental basis) possible to select several outputs if the ASIO drivers allows for that. As an example, test this beta feature using the ASIO4ALL driver.

SoundPimp v1.7 for Windows

Never released.

SoundPimp v1.6 for Windows – 011212

  • SoundPimp has been updated for compliance with Windows 8 regarding digital signature of drivers. There are no functional or quality enhancement changes involved.

SoundPimp v1.5 150512

  • Improved support for ASIO on 64bit windows machines
  • Improved audio routing on Windows with the introduction of SoundPimp Virtual Audio Device (VAD)
  • Simplified and improved installer
  • Significantly smaller footprint
  • v1.4beta improvements officially released

SoundPimp v1.4beta - 260312

  • Selector for any installed audio drivers
  • May connect to Java Audio Engine on OSX
  • May connect to Jack on all OS platforms
  • Added skill level toggle in Help menu
  • Improved persistency
  • Improved GUI
  • Should run on Linux

SoundPimp v1.3 - 151211

  • Added OSX support

SoundPimp v1.2

  • Windows version