A breeze to install & use

For a head-on grasp of the incredibly realistic SoundPimp effects, we suggest the demos serve better than a thousand words. Your first step should be the audio enhancer demo.

SoundPimp is an excellent match with most operating systems, any media player and any audio format like WAV, FLAC and mp3. Once installed it works with all sound streaming out of your computer, ensuring lifelike and truly enjoyable listening experiences. The soundstage is holographic and amazingly ambient, literally stepping past artificial boundaries of loudspeakers.

And even if HDS is a technology for audio only, it will of course work flawlessly with the audio tracks of movies, videos and other multimedia. In fact, HDS is perhaps at its most enjoyable when watching a movie with high quality audio tracks.

Media players

Examples on excellent media players are:

  • Streamer services like Spotify, Wimp, GrooveShark and Rhapsody
  • iTunes
  • JRiver Media Center
  • Media Player Classic
  • Windows Media Player
  • Winamp
  • MediaMonkey
  • The list is long, please share your recommendations below

Whether on Windows, Mac or Linux, just install a suitable version of SoundPimp and hit the play button of your favorite media player. It will work automatically. Further info here:

How to improve Wimp sound quality

How to improve Spotify sound quality



Windows LogoSoundPimp is available for any Windows version, both as a standalone application (HDS app) and as a so called VST plugin for professional use.

While SoundPimp itself tend to be rather trivial in use, normally used with the default settings and rarely causing any problems, audio on a PC on the other hand can be a non-trivial affair. In particular, when the default Directsound audio drivers are used there is often an annoying delay (latency) included. To correct of this delay, it is recommended to install the freeware program Asio4All, magically cutting away any delays and granting other benefits regarding audio quality. It is very easy to install and use Asio4All

In particular, investigate the built in use of various sound “enhancers” on windows 7. It is higly recommended to turn off all such features in the sound control panel, see Windows 7 guidelines for that.

Finally, remember that this is a technology for stereo speakers. Do not use with headphones, it will not work. Do not use mono sound or mono speaker, it will not work either.  You need both channels out on a set of loudspeakers. That’s it.

This page is still being developed. Please be back soon for an even better overview.

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