How to enhance Wimp audio quality

For a head-on grasp of the incredibly realistic SoundPimp effects, we suggest the demos serve better than a thousand words. Your first step should be the online audio enhancer demo. Click the image to start demo.

Soundpimp is the best audio enhancement software for PC Windows and Mac OSX

Would you like to improve pc sound quality when using Wimp?

Wimp is a premium streaming music service becoming widely available in many European countries  And blow your horns, SoundPimp is just a perfect match with Wimp.

SoundPimp lydforbedrer for WimpThe result is amazing pc sound quality, and therefore this very duo is perhaps the most used one at our own R&D labs at the moment. Imagine all the music of the world instantly at your fingertip and even with breath-taking pc audio quality. This is exactly what is offered here!

Whether on Windows, Mac or Linux, just download a suitable version of SoundPimp and hit the play button. SoundPimp audio enhancer will work automatically, granting an immersive 3D listening experience for your pure enjoyment. From a high quality recording, the spatial realism, be it authentic from the actual recording room or artificial as created by professional producers, is indeed very convincing.

After SoundPimp has been installed, do listen to our wimp playlists containing music examples with excellent demo effects that will give you a head start into enjoying SoundPimp’ed music.

See also the Wimp homepage.

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