Several freeware apps are offered here,  for Windows, OS X, Linux or Android/Java. If you find any of these useful, please consider a donation, and perhaps notify your social entourage using the share buttons below. Your support is appreciated. Thanks!



NRK Radio & TV streamer for Android

This is a neat and no-nonsense application available from the Android market place, installed by more than twenty thousand users since first launch in January 2011. (The next version may be equipped with HDS as well). Here is the barcode link to download, or search on the android market using “NRK radio & tv” as keyword.


This application is freeware and unsupported. However, users may support us in the further development by making suggestions here or by using the comment field at the bottom of page.



app main

Listen to a selection of Norwegian radio and TV stations in user friendly ways, targeted for most modern phones. From the main screen, both radio and TV stations may be selected. Color stamping is used for swift channel recognition.

Only high quality streams are available, and therefore Wlan is suggested. If used with mobile networks, please verify that a proper connection is available. Low 3g bandwidth will cause unpleasant glitches and stutter in the sound.

Please note that the TV channels could be occasionally unavailable (It is a NRK beta service). Also note that older phones like e.g HTC Hero may not meet the CPU requirements of the built in Java mp3 decoders. The solution is to select “Android mp3 decoder”, which is less cpu intensive.

Read more, for example at  Appbrain or Androlib.

We hope you enjoy this application!


iRadio is a Cross-platform Radio streamer

iRadio offers a selection of Scandinavian stations, in normal stereo, with highest available bitrate,  and with rapidBuffer technology for extra swift channel selection. For Windows, OS X and Linux. It is available for download from our company website. This is a very neat app to have on your desktop (if you like Scandinavian radio stations).

Here is a screenshot:

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