SoundPimp with High Definiton Stereo, what is it ?

SoundPimp is based on High Definition Stereo (HDS), a computer based technology that offers enhanced sound quality compared to traditional stereo. It reproduces the sound of the original recording in a more exact way.  The HDS effect is immediately audible and makes most people smile! Using good quality listening facilities, the result is a natural soundstage with breathtaking realism, and the HDS effect may be enjoyed even on humble laptop speakers. Please see our technology page for more information.

When should SoundPimp be used ?

Just enjoy the realistic and natural soundflow of HDS technology for all types of digital audio, be it music, video, movie, streaming radio and TV.

Are there any prerequisites for using SoundPimp ?

Not really, but as HDS is working in the digital domain, it is necessary to route the audio stream to and from the HDS software program. For playback on a laptop, various 3rd party programs for audio routing must be present. This is platform-dependant, but in the normal case it is taken care of by the installation. Please see the install descriptions for further details.
Do note that HDS is based on Java. Make sure Java is pre-installed, see this link: http://www.java.com/en/download/

Can HDS be used with Windows ?

Yes, HDS is compliant with all modern versions of Windows xp/Vista/7. Windows setup guidelines here

Can HDS be used with Apple OS X ?

Yes, HDS is working well with OS X, please see the install descriptions for detailed instructions. Mac OS X setup guidelines here.

Can HDS be used with Linux ?

It is most likely that HDS will work well on Linux. Please investigate the use of a program entitled Jack for audio routing, and please do report the results so that we may provide further info here.

Can HDS be used with Android ?

At the moment Android is available in the Froyo 2.2 version, but unfortunately, this version does not offer functionality for routing (capture) of arbitrary audio streams. Yet, HDS is available as an integral module in particular apps made by HDSL. Please contact us for further enquiries.

Can HDS be used with iPhone 4.x or later versions ?

Not yet, but please be back for release of iPhone versions medio 2012.

Is HDS available as a plugin for professional DSP / DAW programs ?

Yes, HDS is available as VST (Win/Os X) and AU (Os X) plugins, please contact us for further enquiries.

May SoundPimp be used with headphones ?

No, this is a technology for loudspeakers, be it on your laptop or as integral part of high end stereo or surround equipment. The combination of SoundPimp and headphones is not valid, normally causing strange artifacts in the sound. Always turn off SoundPimp when using headphones. Read the explanations in the SoundPimp audio enhancer tutorial

May HDS be combined with traditional stereo or surround systems (5.1 or 7.1)  ?

Yes, and with excellent results, but with remarks. For superior quality, you will need a soundcard connected to your laptop, unless this has an optical SPDIF outlet. It is also possible to connect the “headphones out” to a normal stereo system of any kind.

Any competing products with comparable technology or effect ?

Yes, the excellent and increasingly reputed speakers from GenevaLabs are in fact comparable, presenting a mild HDS listening effect.

How about Spotify, Wimp, GrooveShark, Raphsody, YouTube, and other streaming multimedia services?

Yes. Once installed HDS will automatically work perfectly with all multichannel audio streams running on the computer. It will work equally well with streaming internet services and with traditional client media players like e.g. Windows Media Player.

What is the effect of using HDS on a mono stream ?

None whatsoever. Silk. Two or more channels are mandatory. Please make sure the computer is capable of stereo playback  prior to investigating our demos or installing the software. Of course this means also that mono audio streams will not work. For example many You Tube videos are still mono. If SoundPimp is installed you will easily spot (if not hear!) when there is mono or stereo on the peakmeters.


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