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In this help & support section please find both general and platform-specific tips & tricks for installation and optimal use of SoundPimp. Here is also the general FAQ.

We would also like you to read our short disclaimer regarding the unavoidable complexity of advanced audio configuration on a laptop or smartphone.

Soundpimp is the best audio enhancement software for PC Windows and Mac OSXSoundpimp audio enhancer / User Manual

How to ensure optimal loudspeaker setup and how to adjust the various parameters of the SoundPimp dashboard. This tutorial is relevant for all users of SoundPimp.




Windows tutorial

 Soundpimp audio enhancer / Windows setup

How to achieve best sound on Windows xp/7/8. Use of native Windows audio drivers, or replacing with Asio4all drivers for low latency. How to use SoundPimp Virtual Audio Device  for audio routing. All you need for configuration of a Windows machine is found here.



How to get best sound on Mac. SoundPimp computer audio enhancer


Soundpimp audio enhancer / Mac OS X setup

How to achieve best sound on Mac OS X, by using Jack for OSX and more.



How to get best sound on Linux. SoundPimp computer audio enhancerSoundpimp audio enhancer / Linux setup

How to achieve best sound on Linux.




How to get best sound on laptops. SoundPimp computer audio enhancerComputer audio / General guidelines

How to get best sound on laptop and pc. Tutorials & guidelines on how to connect computers to loudspeakers and get sound.




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