Crosstalk cancellation with a mechanical barrier

In order to verify the effects of crosstalk on loudspeakers, try this simple procedure. You will look a little funny, but this is an amazing test that will make you wonder…

Do like this:

Position a mechanical barrier between the speakers, and put it tightly into your face in such a way that the diagonal between the left ear and the right speaker are disconnected, and vice versa. This way, most of the crosstalk will be hindered. As the barrier, it suggested to use a sofa pillow or whatever is at hand, it is not that critical. Such a mechanical barrier acts perfectly as crosstalk cancellation tool, and allows the listener to exploit the devastating effects of crosstalk.

It is convenient to try this test on your laptop as a first step; separate the speakers with a pillow. Immediately it should be possible to observe the differences with and without the mechanical separator. When crosstalk is cancelled, music can dance again! Suddenly there is refinement, tranquility, and a very wide stereo perspective stretching far on the outside of the speakers. Try some different peaces of music until the effects are heard.

Then compare with SoundPimp in order to understand that SoundPimp does exactly the same thing electronically as the humble pillow does mechanically. Important note: Never use the mechanical barrier together with SoundPimp. This will mess things up since it would correspond to correcting the crosstalk error twice.

It is indeed amazing to many that a humble tool as a pillow can have such profound beneficial effects on playback audio quality. However, it is perhaps not that practical ?

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