Please note that SoundPimp must be installed on your computer for the playlists on this page to be relevant and demonstate the effect. It this is not the case, please try the demopage first.

The purpose of these playlists is to provide you with a head-start and revelation on the SoundPimp stereo sound enhancement effects.  Included are high quality recordings that are excellent for SoundPimp demonstration purposes. Hear them blossom with SoundPimp and High Definition Stereo (HDS).

Of course, observe that the quality of these streaming services are limited to approximately 320kb/s or less.

Also make sure the SoundPimp dashboard is available and hit the play button on any of these playlists. Then toggle the HDS button to hear the amazing quality enhancement.

You may contribute to this section by adding your own SoundPimp demo playlist. Add a comment below, pasting the playlist URL as well as a brief introduction to its content. You may also send us an email with suggestions.

Note: For the Wimp Playlists it is most definitely recommended to listen from Wimp, and skip the web-based intro of lower quality (some tracks are even mono).

Please note that SoundPimp may be used with loudspeakers only. Do not use headphones as it will not work well. See why here

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