Reviews of SoundPimp

“The stereo width experienced from this speaker tower is certainly very impressive”


“We were given the opportunity to listen and form our own opinion of SoundPimp […] With the speakers located as shown in the photo, the stereo width during the intro to the Pink Floyd classic Time, was overwhelmingly wide.”

“…the SoundPimp PC app provided an impressive demonstration with music from Spotify.”

The complete original review in Norwegian (pdf)


Watt-forside-0813“Almost magically three-dimensional”

“… good grief, what a revelation I had when I connected the small PSB Alpha PS1 to the Mac, then placed the speakers tightly on each side of the screen. I can not really imagine that I’m going to turn SoundPimp off again…

…the feeling of space and how the instruments and voices are placed is startlingly good and fantastic three-dimensional. In addition, I experience a micro dynamics and detail of reproduction that I have barely heard before with so affordable and small speakers. I then connected a pair of Dynaudio studio monitors I have access to, and I suddenly got “HiFi-Nirvana”. The sound is not just wide. It also stretches out to the side of your listening position, but without the focus in the front and center becoming impaired…” 



The complete original review in Norwegian (pdf). 
English translation by Google (pdf). 
German translation by Google (pdf)



Soundpimp review in Teknisk Ukeblad
“My goodness, how much better the sound with SoundPimp”

“The sound is much clearer and wider. Sound you were unsure where came from, now you can almost touch. When we click us back to the original stereo sound, it is almost like driving over it with an iron. The breadth and depth disappear. SoundPimp is here to stay on this PC”. 

Odd Richard Valmot – Teknisk Ukeblad. The original text in Norwegian:

“Du verden, saa mye bedre det lyder med SoundPimp”

“…Lydbildet blir mye klarere og bredere. Lyd du var usikker paa hvor kom fra kan du omtrent peke paa. Naar vi klikker oss tilbake til originallyden er det omtrent som aa kjoere over den med et strykejern. Bredden og dybden forsvinner. SoundPimp er kommet for aa bli paa denne PC-en…”



LYD & BILDE audio magazine (Picture & Sound audio) Review of SoundPimp“The sound is more open and larger than we’ve ever heard”

“… Each instrument is placed in a very three-dimensional soundstage … The sound is gigantic and huge, it’s clean and airy, granting dynamics and presence as never before. It’s just very strange to hear. It is a kind of surround effect, in that some parts of the sound comes up the sides of where we sit, while the other sounds are coming from the front. And you get a clear impression of whether the musician is sitting two feet in front of us, or five meters away…”

Geir Nordby – Lyd & Bilde



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