Impressions and statements from customers


“We love SoundPimp. Best audio-phile software program today!”
(Bryan Nova Brey, sound designer, Hawaii)


“This is the most phenomenal software I have come across. What does it do? In layman’s terms it adds about £700 sound improvement value to the music coming out of your speakers for a mere £19. … Somehow it ‘clarifies’ the sound bringing every instrument or vocal to life. You will hear instruments playing that you otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of. It really is that good.” (Alan Wheetman, sound designer, UK)


I just purchased Sound Pimp and the 3D audio quality is impressive! Thanks! (Christian Roman Rua, La Paz)


I’ve had this for over a year and its well worth the price . Properly configured this software blows any sound enhancer out of the water . Playing movies produces a depth and ambiance that’s stunning on any sound track ! Listening to old 1950’s music such as Frank Sinatra and other artists with which were recorded using minimal miking technics produces or reproduces stunning ” you are there ” sound ! You can literally, with proper placement of the speakers feel your right next to the artist in the space of the recording . All other sound enhancers try to mimic this but sounds artificial ! (Eric Soerensen, on Facebook)


Thank you for your support. I’m really impressed with your software. Just GREAT!!! (Guillem Perez-Quer. Prof. Guitarra Clàssica, Conservatori Superior de Musica del Liceu de Barcelona)


“Sounds great, wow! With my Bose 3-2-1 it is an ultra surround experience.”  (Larry Koelewijn, NL)


“SoundPimp 3D stereo sound enhancement is light years ahead of any other sound enhancement for your music enjoyment”  (Dr. Hubert Hechabarria James – Rep. of Panama)


“Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot express in words how satisfied i am with this software, its pure excitement. When i play the Dubliners live version its like being there. Its a huge contrast to the flat version you get without this software.This is a revolution, nothing less. Many thanks for fantastic engineering work!” (Rune Bergh, audio-phile music lover)


From our eldest customer: “I cannot thank you enough. Music is a critical part of my life, and the current quality of sound really disgusts me. And now SoundPimp have given me a great gift. A totally unexpected gift – music. My wife and I were sitting here and listening to MUSIC. Hard to describe the vast difference to what we had to listen to and what we now have because of SoundPimp” (Marc Paul Bloome(87), New York)


”(in Norwegian)… Noe jeg derimot har lagt merke til er at romfølelsen føles helt enorm, samt at med en god del musikk så blir lydbildet helt sinnsvakt stort! Dersom man skrur av dette programmet så føles veldig mye veldig flatt ut. Jeg vil ikke gå så langt som å si at dette programmet er den hellige gral, men …” (Joergen Reidar Halvorsen, musikk produsent) Les mer 
Translated: “Something I have noticed however is that the feeling of space is enourmeous, and that with a good deal of music, the soundstage is absolutely “insanely” large! If you turn this program off, very much feels very flat. I would not go so far as to say that this program is the holy grail, but …”


“(in Norwegian) Anbefales på det sterkeste for musikkinteresserte!” (Joergen)
Translated: “Recommended for all people with an interest in music!” 


“(in Norwegian) Det er det sykeste! Utrolig bra” (Nicolai Staurvik)  
Translated: ” This is ‘insane’! Excellent”


“La mia esperienza e’ stata positiva al 100%, il soundstage e’ enorme … Il suono esce letteralmente fuori dai diffusori e si percepisce un dettaglio finora a me sconosciuto.

Qui non si tratta di percezioni o di impressioni, il miglioramento e’ sostanziale e incredibile. Google translation: My experience was 100% positive, the soundstage is huge … The sound literally comes out of the speakers and you feel a detail hitherto unknown to me. This is not about perceptions or impressions, improvements are substantial and amazing.  (Gianfranco Tronu, audio enthusiast) Read more


“SoundPimp is presenting voices and instrumentation that is normally not audible at all. It sounds almost surreal. Wow! (Linda P, music lover, Canada)


“This is not just another artificial surround gimmick, it’s a major step forward! (Magnus J, audio enthusiast, Norway)


“SoundPimp is fantastic! (Peter B, musician, Norway)

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